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Character Power Class Age Start date Energy
Name Position Office Age Start date Salary
Gavin Joyce Developer Edinburgh 42 2010/12/22 $92,575
Gloria Little Systems Administrator New York 59 2009/04/10 $237,500
Haley Kennedy Senior Marketing Designer London 43 2012/12/18 $313,500
Hermione Butler Regional Director London 47 2011/03/21 $356,250
Herrod Chandler Sales Assistant San Francisco 59 2012/08/06 $137,500
Hope Fuentes Secretary San Francisco 41 2010/02/12 $109,850


Tables include default styles for tables and data sets.

name duration genre release date
The Shawshank Redemption 2h 22min Crime, Drama 14 October 1994 USA
The Godfather 2h 55min Crime, Drama 24 March 1972 USA
Schindler's List 3h 15min Biography, Drama, History 4 February 1994 USA
Se7en 2h 7min Crime, Drama, Mystery 24 March 1972 USA

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